Written by Helle Duus Alex.

(The short version is read by reading the highligths)

In every corner of the world there is a woman writing a blog on her thoughts.
I think a blog is a great idea; it gives you the possibility to think things over, and it gives everyone else the possibility to read your thoughts.

The only down side to a blog is, that it is most often not read by anyone,

simply because it is not exposed

and it is too hard to find.

So all that good information is put into cyberspace ... but most often lost !!!


ww streg smallI started the organization SistaEnable (pronounced sustainable !!)

in creating the hand sign of W for International Womens Day celebrating 100 years on March 8th 2011,

to peacefully show the world that Women Will promote gender equal rights.


This was after having travelled Central Africa to sense their pulse,

and cried quite a few tears over the corruption and the very poor conditions women are offered.

I have been a world traveller all my life, but this trip made a difference - it was like everything accumulated and I had enough!


Night and day the word "sustainable" came to me as the solution I could not figure out,

and finally one night, in a friends flat in New York, I got out of bed, sat down and wrote the word sustainable on a piece of paper.

I then asked God what he wanted from me.

The word changed two letters, and the name "SistaEnable" appeared.


Since then I have spent all my spare time getting in touch with women all over the world.

Strong, fascinating women, from high and low, all working to promote gender equality.

Whether they are working with domestic violence, trafficking, politics, education, birth facilities, girls in sports, human rights or else,

they all want the same from their every day lives:

they want

peace, food, good sanitary conditions, education for their kids and the freedom to choose for themselves.

And I honestly don't think that is too much to ask!


Everyone has a story to tell. All the stories are out there. Most of them are unheard.


So I decided for SistaEanble to be the umbrella organization,

where a single click on a world map will lead the viewer to the country chosen,

showing a short documentary of ordinary women right there.


I worked ten years as an assistant for a phenomenal director in the Danish feature movie industry,and


I sincerely believe that the visual perception is much easier understood, than the reading of two pages!


In spite of any language barrier, a short film is understood by anyone.

SistaEnable short docs are made locally, from an anthropological perspective, to focus on norm.


Also, I think an easy-access NEWS page is important.

We all sign petitions

to save political prisoners from stoning, whiping and death

to support women in their basic human rights

and to add pressure on governments who disrespect their people.

... But we receive them randomly, if, at all.


Women need an easy-access-platform

to educate and participate from.

And we all want the follow up on that story just told.


SistaEnable SHORT DOCS and SistaEnable NEWS

will show you the story, and where it goes.


Sharing stories educate us, make us reflect on who we are, show us what is possible for others,

bring us closer together in creating a mutual identity,

no matter how different we are.


I hereby invite every woman on earth

to tell the story of herself, her project, her dreams, her life or her friend.




Feel welcome to write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.