Mama's Garage

Written by Helle Duus Alex.

... SistaEnable Social Stores.

“Mama’s Garage”, the SistaEnable Social Store Cafés located world wide,
varying from rural clay huts to high tech urban settings,
are sistaenable cell groups of local women who voluntary meet in a place (could be a room, a kitchen, a library, a church facility or else, for a start). All they do is meet on a (regular?) chosen occasion, to debate the lives of women, right where they are. After a while, they start inviting other women, and they volunteer to be an ear if a woman needs someone to talk to. The group remains respectful of each other and of those who visit. Maybe the group will grow to start a café sometime. Everything is started by the group itself, but is run under the global name "Mama's Garage, a SistaEnable social store", where you can end up selling local goods or just "store" sistaenable (sustainable) social skills. 

The reason for the global name, is for all the women around the world to end up with a mutual identity, and for travelling visitors to always have sisters to meet with. The groups vary much, from young poor students to wealthy ladies to clay hut facilities to high tech environment. It is all up to the individual, the only request to use the name, is to obey by the rules and guidelines stated


are café like stores with room for kids, where women can meet, while socializing and educating themselves through world news and short docs, displayed on wide screen downloads from our website.
Locally we hope to partner with midwifes, dietitians, psychologists, family nurses and therapists etc., to offer monthly morning informational/educational seminars to guide throughout motherhood.

The “Kids Corner” for ages toddler to “older”, provides educational documentaries and learning programs, and small tables for drawing or playing quiet games. 

In some cultures, Mama's Garage will be a full time café. In other cultures, Mama's Garage will host a local production from seamstresses or other. And in other cultures again, from 2 pm the Garages turn into a “Teen-Club” for all the 12-18 year olds who have nowhere to go in the after school hours. In spite of being teenagers they are still our children and they often need special guidance, help with schoolwork or just a place to feel at home with their peers.

We want to lead these kids into healthy lives, by encouraging them to find all the good resources they already contain. 

The Mama’s Garage Concept is fit for franchise to cafés, churches, social centers, libraries and anywhere else that has room for it, in as many different corners of the world as possible – the only need required is electricity and wi-fi!

Every café is individually owned and run in a variety of forms according to needs and custom. The only thing in common is the fact that we are local women, wanting to meet and connect, learn from and educate ourselves about each other, unite and eventually identify as one.

SistaEnable = sustainable

Logo is a hand sign of W peacefully signal the world that Women Will.

If united we stand,
as ONE we can.

If you have an idea for a Mama's Garage in your hood - let us know how we can help!

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ALL our work is based on voluntary involvement and own investments. It doesn't take much !!